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I bought a cheaplooking, poorly made, replica watch from Jomafake, which they will not exchange or refund.You will be embarrased to wear this bright yellow-gold colored fake.

Joamfake is afraid of the Chinese customs agents so they will not accept any returns, thus will not issue any refunds-which was not spelled out on their website. If you want to beg them they might consider exchanging your watch for another more expensive one that you will have to pay for and pay the shipping. You may as well throw your money in the trash.

Save your money folks.They are not afraid of the bad publicity either.

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Jomafake watches

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I had the bright idea to buy a replica high-end watch and came upon JOMAFAKE.COM.I am still not quite awake from this nightmare and have never been more pissed.

Had I known this company operated out of CHINA I would NEVER have done business with them (they pretend not to understand). The item was late in coming, lost in transit, the metal was a bright shinny gold color that clearly had fake written all over it; cheap, cheap, cheap! The band could not be adjusted, not even by a reputable jeweler. The company would not exchange the watch, they would not accept its return; back and forth they tried to make deals by offering me another watch with an additional price and shipping fee and tried to discourage me from returning it because their Customs Agency would not look favorably on that.

Now I have lost my money and am stuck with a piece of *** that I can't even give away. BUYER BEWARE: You may as well throw your $$$ out the window. The pictures on their website are of the real deal and not was they are selling. Forget about refund, exchange, or even someone who speaks English.

I hate to see people being scammed - this will NOT happen to me again.This is their website:

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